Baylor University
What is the best part about the department?

"The professors are what I love. These men and women make you feel appreciated. They always know your name and recognize your work. They're amazing in their field and have top-notch experience. They have spunky personalities. They lecture, but it's fun. They make learning enjoyable."
Allie Temple

"In my classes, I'm able to create things, instead of only learning theory. As a junior, I've already developed a portfolio of my photography, designed publications and completed an internship."
Rachel Scott

"The biggest assurance I've had has been alumni feedback. Not only have I heard that the faculty prepare you, many of my friends who have graduated rave about how helpful professors were in their job search."
Chelsea Nivens

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

In The Classroom

The bachelor of arts degree allows students to explore a broad-based liberal arts degree, while also earning a skills- and theory-based degree that's backed up with practical experience.

We require 30 major hours for students beginning the program Fall 2009 or later. Students entering the program before Fall 2009 should refer to their Bearweb degree audits and see their counselors in the department. Majors can select from the following sequences:

Electives are available in journalism, new media, photojournalism, public relations, advertising and broadcast journalism. Students in the News-Editorial sequence should select electives in journalism, photojournalism and broadcast journalism. Students in the Public Relations sequence should select electives in PR and advertising.