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Mobile Devices

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Welcome to the Mobile Device setup page.

Below you will find different options for setting up your cellular device to connect to our wireless network and email servers.

NOTE: The following instructions may not be 100% applicable to your device. Support is ONLY provided for email configuration and internet connectivity. If you have any other problems with your device, you will need to contact your cellular service provider.

Android OS
This page contains setup instructions for WiFi and email on Android devices.

Apple iOS
This page contains setup instructions for both email and wireless networking on Apple iOS devices.

Windows Mobile Devices
This page contains setup instructions for email on Windows Mobile devices.

 Of course, you can always bring your laptop to the Baylor Computer Repair Shop behind the Baylor Bookstore from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm, M-F for help, or contact Airbear Support.

Updated February 26, 2014