Palm Centro (Sprint Users Only)

NOTE: THIS FIX IS FOR CENTRO devices using SPRINT only. Although the fix is provided by Palm it is not a supported fix. Any issues caused by the fix remain the responsibility of the end-user.

A system update is necessary on your device. You will need to install this update to your device using one of the methods below.

Palm Desktop software syncing:
If you have the Palm Desktop software installed on your computer and have set up a partnership between your computer and mobile device then please visit this site for complete instructions for updating your Centro for Sprint device:

Memory Card installation:
If you do not have Palm Desktop installed and do not wish to then you can install this update by using a memory card. The Centro uses a Micro SD card. You will need a blank memory card that is bigger than 64MB. Once you have one you will need to visit this site for complete instructions for updating your Centro for Sprint device:

AFTER you have installed the update continue with these instructions to complete the set-up of your mobile device:

  1. While in Mail, click on the Menu Options key on the device (usually at the bottom by the Alt key™looks like a box with two lines and a down arrow). This will open your menus.

  2. Select Accounts> Account Setup.

  3. Make sure that the account name is highlighted then click on New.

  4. The next screen will show your Account Name, Email Address, and password enter each of these.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Next Screen will show the Mail type (make sure it says Outlook (EAS)). Username (should be your Bear_ID), and the mail server should be:

  7. Click Test Settings and make sure you get a SUCCESS message. If you do not get a success message please call the Helpdesk to log a ticket.

  8. After a success click on OK.

  9. Click on Done.

  10. Click OK. If you are asked if you want to override existing settings please select Yes.

  11. Your Inbox will be empty. Click on sync and your inbox should be populated.