Baylor provides support for Treo Smartphones. Smartphones are devices that combine cell phone and PDA functionality on a single device. Use of these devices requires that a data package be purchased along with a cell phone plan. The biggest advantage of having one of these devices is the ability to wirelessly sync Baylor Exchange Data via "push technology" using the GoodLink server. The server is regularly backed up with the ITS Exchange server. Data that is synced with your device includes your Inbox, Other mail folders, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Calendar, Notes (Memos), Tasks, and Contacts.

Treo Smartphone devices are negotiated and contracted by your department and ITS Telephone Services. Requests for a Baylor-owned Treo device should follow the same channels as requests for cell phone service within your department. Once approved, ITS will contact you and arrange an appointment for activation/setup of your Treo. Baylor provided and fully supported Treo devices are the 650, 700p and 700w. To request a Treo or accessories for your Treo please contact Janet Knox at x3310 or email Janet at:

In addition to the Data Plan and Cell Phone plan there is an initial licensing fee of $311 with an annual renewal fee of $220 per device that should be made payable to Baylor University, c/o Ralph Sherman - Director of IT Business Operations, PO Box 97268. These fees are required whether the phone is Baylor owned or a personal device. Limited support is offered for personal devices. ITS will make a good faith effort to connect the device to our servers. No additional support is offered for personal devices. Please contact your carrier or place of purchase for further support.

Support calls should be placed with the Baylor Help Desk at x4357 or via email at Weekend and after 5:00PM support is not available at this time. However, lost or stolen devices can and need to be reported immediately! Please call the Baylor Help Desk at 254.710.4357 or your departmental contact if your Treo is lost or stolen. Your departmental contact needs to get in touch with ITS ASAP so that we can take the appropriate measures to protect the data on your Treo. Devices reported stolen or lost can be remotely disabled.

Treo Devices

Treo 650
Treo 700p
Treo 700w
Exchange Active Sync Setup-Palm OS
Exchange Active Sync Setup-Windows OS