Client Services Staff

A complete list of the Client Services staff can be found below. Simply click on an individual's name to send them an e-mail.

Name Title
Vicky Gerik Assistant Vice President of Client Services
Installation Services
Rick Mattocks Director of Computer Installations
Matt Branch Senior Desktop Configuration Specialist
Josh Millet Desktop Configuration Specialist
Roy Padilla Desktop Configuration Specialist
Kiel Watley Desktop Configuration Specialist
Help Desk Support Services
Donna Herbert Director of Client Support Services
Tammie Holecek Senior Help Desk Consultant
Glenda Huang Help Desk Consultant
Christine Komandosky Senior Help Desk Consultant
Janna Morgan Senior Help Desk Consultant
Linda_Yarbrough Senior Help Desk Consultant
Training Services
Melinda Sanson Training and Support Specialist
Software and Operating System Services (SOS)
Mark Mastin Director of Systems Support
Karen Griffiths Asst. Director of Systems Support
Micah Lamb Asst. Director of Systems Support
Karla Nelson Senior Analyst/Programmer (FileMaker)
Brian Downey Technology Support Specialist (Macintosh)
Brad Hodges Advanced Technology Support Specialist (Windows)
Josh OgdenTechnology Support Specialist (Windows)
Lisa Pursley Outlook/Exchange Support Specialist (Windows)
Patt Black Technology Support Specialist (Macintosh)
Blake Tully Technology Support Specialist (Macintosh)
Hardware Services
Kenneth Glomb Director of Hardware Support and Technology Systems Consultant
Jeremiah Holubec Advanced Technology Repair Specialist
Eddie Roessler Senior Technology Repair Specialist
Jesse Segura Advanced Technology Repair Specialist
Andrew Stripling Advanced Technology Repair Specialist
Departmental Server Support Services
Mark Mastin Project Manager
Michael Gonzales Senior Systems Analyst

Reviewed February 25, 2014