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    With the electronic process, when may course evaluations be submitted?

    During a given semester, the evaluation process opens in the weeks before the end of classes. Students receive an email notification approximately one week before the process begins. The window during which students can submit evaluations ends the morning of the first day of finals.

    How was the timeline for electronic evaluations determined?

    Many factors are taken into account when deciding on the evaluation window, including the beginning date, the ending date, and the overall number of days that the window is open. Baylor's Task Force on Electronic Course Evaluations explored many possibilities on all three of these aspects of the evaluation timeline. After receiving feedback from faculty and others during pilot administrations of electronic evaluations, the task force made numerous adjustments to the timeline for evaluations. All adjustments have to ensure that: a) the window isn't too long or short, b) faculty have enough class sessions during which evaluations can be completed, and c) all evaluations are completed prior to the beginning of final exams.

    Has Baylor considered holding grades until students have submitted their course evaluations?

    There is currently no procedure in place that would allow for grades to be "held" until an evaluation has been completed for a given course. Because evaluations are stored off-site with the vendor, there is no link between course evaluations and Baylor's student information system that would enable grades to be released to students after they have completed an evaluation. In addition, those who have studied this question have expressed concern that forcing students to complete evaluations would result in students doing so for the wrong reasons (negatively impacting the quality of data that Baylor receives).

    Are electronic course evaluations completely secure and confidential?

    Yes, electronic evaluations are both secure and confidential. Instructors do not receive any identifying information within their evaluation results. Please be assured that the electronic evaluation system only keeps a record of who has submitted an evaluation in order to ensure that no student can submit more than one evaluation in any course. The system also disassociates each student's name from the evaluation that he or she has submitted. Institutional Research and Testing knows whether or not students have submitted an evaluation, but we have no record that attaches a student's identity to any one evaluation. Also, because evaluations are completed electronically, there is no need to be concerned about an instructor recognizing a student's handwriting.

    When completing evaluations through Canvas, students are re-directed to the website of our vendor, EvaluationKIT. All evaluation results are stored outside of Baylor University.

    What if I cannot login using my BearID and password when I attempt to access my electronic course evaluations?

    If you have checked your login information, please try the steps listed below. If these changes still do not allow you to access the evaluations, please contact IRT.

  • Change your browser settings to allow ALL cookies. This feature is used to authenticate between Canvas and the EvaluationKIT software. This issue arises occasionally for Macintosh users where the default setting is to allow only non-3rd party cookies.

    Mac users:

    Safari version 5 or 6: Select Preferences -> Privacy -> Block Cookies: Never.

    Older versions of Safari: Select Preferences -> Security -> Accept Cookies -> Always.

    PC users (select the link for the browser you are using):

    How to allow cookies in Firefox

    How to allow cookies in Internet Explorer

    How to allow cookies in Google Chrome

  • Try opening the link within a separate browser window or try using a different computer. If using Internet Explorer, try opening the link in another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox.

    With the electronic process, when will results be available?

    Results for all evaluations will be available after the deadline for grade submission each term. Instructors will be notified via e-mail when the reports are available.

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