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Parade Entry Application

Business/Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:
Description of Proposed Entry:
Number of Participants (max 45):
Number of Units:
Each additional vehicle/unit is $50 for non-profit organizations, $750 for for-profit
Information that will be featured in the TV broadcast:
Is the organization non-profit or for-profit?:
Non-profit (Participation fee is $50) For-profit (Participation fee is $750)

The organization I have identified above acknowledges that we are applying for admission into Baylor University's Homecoming Parade on October 19, 2013. The organization further acknowledges the following:

  1. It will follow Baylor University's Safety Guidelines for Special Entries Parade Special Entry Requirements;
  2. The organization will follow all traffic laws while transporting the display, entry or float to, during, and from the parade;
  3. It will follow verbal instructions of Baylor University Chamber of Commerce members and Baylor University employees on the morning of the parade;
  4. Observation of unsafe conduct or a failure to follow either the Safety Guidelines or verbal instructions may result in your organization's immediate removal from the parade (and possibly disqualify your organization from the parade in future years);
  5. Baylor University and the Baylor University Chamber of Commerce each maintain the right to refuse entry into the parade, or remove from the parade, any organization engaging in political campaign activity of any type or conduct or speech (including the publication, promotion or distribution of written material) which is inconsistent with Baylor University's values and mission;
  6. If Baylor University or the Baylor University Chamber of Commerce believes that the display, entry, or float will not uphold the mission and purpose of the Homecoming Parade based on the entry description given, each maintain the right to refuse entry into the parade;
  7. In the event your organization is removed from the Parade, no entry fees will be refunded.

By clicking Submit below, I am agreeing to the above on behalf of myself and my organization.