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Step-by-Step Online Registration Guide

Registration opens December 1,2014
Registration closes January 12, 2015


  1. With an Internet browser, go to the history fair online registration system at:
  2. Select HEART OF TEXAS REGIONAL HISTORY FAIR from the menu of available fairs.
  3. Enter your contact information and create a username and password.
  4. Enter the remaining contact information.
  5. Select the schools with which you are affiliated.
  6. Create basic records for each of your students entering the regional history fair, assigning each one a username and password.
  7. Enter initial information about each project entry your students are bringing to the fair.

    HOTRHF will use the National History Day encrypted Web project system, called Weebly, for submitting and judging Web site projects in the 2015 fair. When entering information about Web site project entries online, you must enter each Web project's 8-digit URL. This information must be completed in the online registration system no later than the registration deadline, January 12, 2015. Enter ONLY the 8-digits; the rest of the URL is assigned automatically once the entry is completed and submitted electronically. If you do not enter each 8-digit URL, the judges will not be able to evaluate the entry. Judging of Web sites takes place during the month of January prior to the history fair.

  8. Payment: HOTRHF entry fee of $6 per student (as well as payment for T-shirt orders) must be made directly to the HOTRHF office. The students must complete their individual registrations before their teacher can make a group payment. Online payment of fees is not available. For complete information on how to pay fees, see Registration.
  9. MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION FROM THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM! If you do not, please contact the HOTRHF office as soon as possible for assistance.

Since is is not mandatory at this region for each student complete their individual Student Page to be officially entered in the annual HOTRHF, TEACHERS are invited to now nominate their student's project for one to three Special Awards.
1- Teacher must save and exit their teacher home page
2 - Teachers re-enter AS THE STUDENT using the ID and PASSWORD they previously set up inside their teacher home page for each student.
3 - once the teacher accesses the individual student's page they can follow the instructions to view all Special Awards and nominate the project accordingly.
4 - for Group Projects only one student page in the group needs to be accessed to nominate the project for one to three Special Awards
Teachers may also nominate one student per school for the Ada Margaret Smith Award (grade 6-12) and the Baylor University Scholarship (grade 11-12). Click on the links for applications, nomination forms, and full instructions. These award nominations are not part of the online registration system and must be submitted in print copy to the HOTRHF office.


Note: The Heart of Texas Regional History Fair does not require students to complete their part of the online registration. However, students who advance to Texas History Day will be required to complete their own online registration.

  1. With an Internet browser, go to the online registration system at
  2. Select HEART OF TEXAS REGIONAL HISTORY FAIR from the menu of available fairs.
  3. Log in using the username and password set up and provided by your teacher.
  4. Enter complete contact information.
  5. Complete the statement of originality.
  6. Have parents/guardians complete parent registration section.
  7. Update information about your project. If you are entering a Web site project, be sure that your project's 8-digit URL is correct.
  8. Nominate your project for special awards. Read carefully the criteria for each special award offered for the 2015 fair. You may nominate your project for as many as three special awards for which your project meets the stated criteria. For more information about nominating your project for special awards, see
  9. Payment: Be sure that your teacher receives your registration fee for submitting directly to the HOTRHF office. See TEACHER section above for more information about paying fees.
  10. MAKE SURE YOU RECEIVE CONFIRMATION FROM THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM! If you do not, please contact the HOTRHF office as soon as possible for assistance.
PART THREE -- For Students Advancing to Texas or National History Day Competition
  • Student returns to online registration system and completes the same steps outlined above for students.
  • Online payment will be available at both the state and national levels.

For questions about registration, please contact HEART OF TEXAS REGIONAL HISTORY FAIR by e-mail or call the HOTRHF Coordinator at (254) 710-3783. Office hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon-Fri.

HOTRHF NOTE: Closer to December 1st there may be unanticipated changes to this electronic registration program. Please check with the HOTRHF office if you experience problems or have questions about your entry registration.