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Performance Rules

History fair projects in the performance categories, individual and group, must follow the general rules which apply to all history fair entries (see link at right). In addition, performance projects must follow all of the specific rules outlined below.

Rule 1: Time Requirements - Performances may not exceed 10 minutes in length. Timing starts at the beginning of the performance following the announcement of the title and student's name(s). Any other introductory remarks will be considered part of the performance and will be counted as part of the overall time. You will be allowed an additional 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove any props needed for your performance.

Note: Allow several empty seconds in your performance to account for unplanned pauses {e.g., applause, forgotten lines, etc.

Rule 2: Performance Introduction - The title of your entry and the name(s) of the participant(s) must be the first and only announcement prior to the start of the performance.

Rule 3: Media Devices - Use of slides, tape recorders, computers, or other media within your performance is permitted. You must run all equipment and carry out any special lighting effects.

Rule 4: Script - The script for the performance should not be included with the written material presented to the judges.

Rule 5: Costumes - You may have a costume produced for you, but the design, choice of fabrics, etc. must be your own. Or, you may rent a costume. Remember: simple is best.

HOTRHF Note: Rules listed on this web site are now confirmed for 2014 by National History Day.