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2015 History Fair
2015 Theme is not available yet - this is the link to the 2014 Theme:
Rights & Responsibilities in History

Fair Dates:
February 19-20, 2015
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HOTRHF Handbook 2014
HOTRHF 29th Edition - 2014 Rules & Guidelines

2015 NOTE from HOTRHF: National History Day is updating the rules this year - there will be changes. The new HOTRHF 30th Edition of Rules & Guidelines will be available as soon as new rules are received from NHD. The link now posted takes you to the 2014 old rule & guideline book.

HOTRHF Note: FOR 2014 there are NO rule changes. National History Day is continuing to use the 2010-2011 rule book National History Day Rule Book
IMPORTANT: Two years ago the state of Texas was chosen for a pilot test to add the Exhibit-Board-word-count noted at the bottom of the Exhibit Title Page. This addition will continue to be required on HOTRHF Exhibit Projects for 2014.

2015 Heart of Texas Regional History Fair Annual history fair are:
FEBRUARY 19 & 20, 2015.

The Heart of Texas Regional History Fair offers students in Central Texas opportunities to study history in exciting and creative ways. Each year, students from throughout our fourteen-county region come to the Baylor University campus to display the results of their original historical research and to compete for prizes, scholarships, and the opportunity to compete in state and national fairs.

To participate in the Heart of Texas fair, students in grades six through twelve choose topics related to a yearly theme and compete in writing papers, creating exhibits, presenting performances, compiling documentaries, and designing Web sites. Projects are judged by historians and educators, and winners are announced in a public ceremony at the conclusion of the fair.

Fifth-grade students also have the opportunity to participate in the regional fair. They may compete as individuals or members of groups in a separate fifth-grade exhibit category.

Participation in the Heart of Texas Regional History Fair develops academic, artistic, and social skills that provide lasting benefit to students in all areas of study. HOTRHF encourages teachers to use our program as an aid in teaching not only history, but also writing and research skills. History fair projects can also be the key to meeting test requirements in several curricular areas.

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HOTRHF Note: Rules listed on this web site are now confirmed for 2014 by National History Day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - updates for 2015 are now being made to this Web site - when a page is fully updated for 2015 this note will be removed.