Financial Information

The graduate program offers significant financial assistance to qualified applicants. The prestigious Guittard Fellowship provides tuition and a stipend of $13,000 for one academic year. Graduate Assistantships are available to superior students on a competitive basis. M.A. graduate assistantships carry a tuition waiver for two years of course work (30 hours) and a one-year stipend of $9,000. Ph.D. assistantships carry tuition waiver for the full degree and an annual stipend of $18,000 (maximum 5 years). University fees (approximately $1,100 per semester) are not included in these awards and must be paid by students at registration. For additional years of funding The Texas Collection, The Institute for Oral History, and the Graduate School offer assistantships with full tuition and a stipend.

Living expenses in Waco, Texas, are very favorable when compared to almost any geographic location in the country. Living expenses in Boston, MA, for example, are 49.2% more compared with living expenses in Waco. Living expenses in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are 26.2% more compared with living expenses in Waco. Even in Texas, living expenses in Austin are 13.3% higher compared with living expenses in Waco.

Baylor operates two apartment facilities reserved for graduate students. Information and application for Browning Square and the Quadrangle apartments is available on the Graduate School Website. Check out Graduate Student Housing for more information.

We believe that Baylor University and Waco, Texas, offer significant financial advantages for students seeking a comfortable and affordable living environment.