Graduate Programs (M.A. and Ph.D.)

Graduate Program Overview

Graduate study in the Department of History prepares students for careers in teaching and scholarship. We expect our Ph.D. graduates to assume academic positions at accredited colleges and universities where they will be excellent classroom teachers and productive research scholars. In addition to the Ph.D., the department has long offered the M.A. degree. M.A. graduates typically pursue admission to a Ph.D. program. Some M.A. graduates go on to careers in secondary education, public history, museum work, law, journalism, or government service.

The Department of History is committed to engaging students in the process of active, collaborative learning and to develop among them information gathering, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills that will serve them in a wide variety of later purposes and professions. The department recognizes the need to develop a global perspective among our students so that they may participate in an international conversation that will prepare them to live their lives in the twenty-first century.