GSA Constitution

Download the GSA Constitution here. (last updated: Spring 2013)

Graduate Student Handbook

This is a joint initiative between the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association. This handbook provides valuable information about navigating Baylor, living in Waco, and Graduate Student Life generally.

Download the Graduate Student Handbook here.

GSA Grant Funding

The Baylor University Graduate Student Association strives to enrich the quality of academic and social life for the graduate students of Baylor University. The GSA allots part of its discretionary budget to provide grants to graduate students or graduate student organizations for initiatives that benefit the GSA mission and graduate student community at Baylor University.

Graduate Student Activity Grant

The Graduate Student Activity Grant (GSAG) will provide supplementary funding for events that may or may not be able to accommodate all graduate students. The GSAG will be a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100) per award (one award per event) and the number of awards will be left to the discretion of the GSA Executive cabinet.

Eligibility: All Baylor University graduate students and campus organizations may submit proposals.

Grants will be considered at GSA Executive Cabinet meetings. The deadline for grant submissions is 12:00 pm on the first day of the month in which you want the Executive Cabinet to vote.


  1. Download the GSA Grant Submission Form and submit your proposal to the GSA Executive Cabinet ( Please submit only one grant request per event. Note that the deadlines for submission are noon on the first day of the month in which you want the Executive Council to vote.
  2. Answer any questions or address any suggestions offered by the GSA Executive Cabinet.
  3. Send a representative from the party submitting the proposal to the GSA Executive Cabinet meeting. A representative MUST be present for the approval vote to be conducted. If a representative is not present at the meeting, the proposal will be denied.
  4. The GSA Executive Cabinet will vote on each request presented to it by the GSA treasurer.
  5. Upon GSA Executive Cabinet approval, funding will be provided on a reimbursement basis pending that GSA received original receipts and invoices for services or fees paid.