Contact Your Department Representative!

Each department with graduate students selects one representative and one alternate to attend GSA Assembly meetings and share information with the students in their department. A GSA Representative votes on all major issues facing graduate students.

American Studies Liz Fassih
Biology Moncie Wright
Biomedical Studies Ben Castellon
Business, MIS Wallace Chipidza
Chemistry Michael Pettit
Communication Sciences and Disorders Rachel Hobaugh
Computer Science Alex Salo
Curriculum and Instruction Elena Venegas
Educational Administration Jessica Bellomy
Education Psychology Regan Weston
English Joseph Ptomey
Ecological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Zachary Valdez
Geology Zacckary Valdez
Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Jeff Forsse
History Dallin Grimm
Journalism Liz Fassih
Mathematics Dale Frymark
Mechanical Engineering Blake Heller
Museum Studies Coleman Hampton
Music Sarah Fluker
Nutrition Science Jeremy Chiang
Philosophy Adam Myers
Physics Eva Kostadinova
Political Science Rachel Alexander
Psychology-Clinical Hyeji Na
Psychology-Neuroscience Courtney Kurinec
Religion Amanda Brobst-Renaud
Sociology Alex Prine
Spanish Hipatia Medina
Statistics Sarah Stanley
Theatre Cason Murphy