Executive Cabinet

The GSA Executive officers are elected by the Assembly (which consists of one representative from each graduate program) for one-year terms.


President - Chris Bissex, Doctoral Candidate, Political Science


Vice President - Susan Moudry, Doctoral Candidate, Religion


Treasurer - Sara Rae Schlesinger, Doctoral Candidate, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Secretary - Tim Orr, Doctoral Candidate, Religion


Graduate School Liason - Cara Allen, Masters Student, Higher Education


Social Life Committee

The Social Life Committee organizes and plans events that encourage community among Baylor graduate students. In particular, this includes GSA's two largest events - the Football Tailgate Mixer in the Fall, and the Graduate Program Director Picnic in the Spring during Graduate Student Appreciation Week.
Chair: Molly Hutcherson, Doctoral Candidate, Chemistry

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee deals with matters directly affecting the academic life of the graduate student body. This has included planning workshops or interdisciplinary collaboration.
Chair: Andy Rasmussen, Doctoral Candidate, English

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee works to enhance Baylor University policies in order to better serve the unique needs of graduate students. This includes health insurance and parental leave, parking accommodations, library access, email storage space, etc.
Chair: Brita Andercheck, Doctoral Candidate, Sociology