Civilian Applicants

Civilian Physical Therapist Supporting the Army

DoD Civilian Physical Therapist (GS or Contract)


Your Point of Contact is:


LTC Elizabeth Painter

(210) 221-6457/8410




Send your DA Form 3838 to: SSG Michael Llanas
(210) 221-6457/8410


Course Specific Information:


COL Douglas A. Kersey Advanced Clinical & Operational Practice (ACOP): The target audience for this course is physical therapists (AD, Guard, Reserve, and IMA) with at least 2 years in service or practice. However, any GS or Contract civilian PT may seek application.


Limited seats have been allocated for DoD Civilian Physical Therapist. These seats are NOT centrally funded and GS or contract civilian PTs may apply to attend the course.


However, you must review your contract for continuing education benefits (funding, paid time off, non-paid time off, leave) and coordinate approval at your local facility level prior to contacting Dr. Painter.


Due to the high demand, interested Physical Therapists must submit their request and nomination from their facilty chief by 1 SEP 2015. All requests will be reviewed by Dr. Painter for consideration. She will announce the selectees attendees and alternates 45-60 days prior to the course.