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The goal of the research program at the U.S. Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy is two-fold:

1. To create graduates that are able to contribute to the body of knowledge that supports the practice of physical therapy.

2. To facilitate the ability of our graduates to consistently employ evidence-based practice skills as evident by their continued ability to employ these skills as they perform critical appraisals of topics (CATs), case-studies, case-series, and research.

This portion of the website will provide you with:

1. A publication list of our current faculty.

2. A publication list of research projects by Military Physical Therapists while on active duty published in peer-reviewed journals.

3. A list of published books written by Military Physical Therapists.

4. A list of the editorials, commentaries, and other non-research publications by Military Physical Therapists while on active duty published in peer-reviewd journals.

These last three lists are color coded based on the authors affiliation:

Author Codes:

Air Force Physical Therapist

Air Force Non-Physical Therapist

Army Physical Therapist

Army Non-Physical Therapist

Navy-USPHS Physical Therapist

Navy –USPHS Non-Physical Therapist

DA Civilian Directly Associated with Military Physical Therapy

DA Civilian Not-Associated with Military Physical Therapy

Civilian Associated with a Civilian University

This list was developed retrospectively and most likely it is not a complete list. Please send any corrections or additions to:

LTC Shane Koppenhaver