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Graduate Program Director by Department

Department Graduate Program Director
Accounting Dr. Gia Chevis
American Studies Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez
Biology Dr. Ryan King
Biomedical Studies Dr. Chris Kearney
Business Dr. Gary Carini
Chemistry Dr. Charles Garner
Church State Studies Dr. Chris Rios
Communication Sciences and Disorders Dr. Peter (Jungjun) Park
Communication Studies Dr. Mark Morman
Computer Science Dr. Greg Hamerly
Ecological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences Dr. Kevin Chambliss
Economics Dr. Tom Kelly
Education (GPDs Director) Dr. Rodney Bowden
Education-Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Trena Wilkerson
Education-Educational Administration Dr. Rishi Sriram
Educational Psychology-M.A. and M.S.Ed. Dr. Terrill Saxon
Educational Psychology-Ph.D. and Gifted & Talented Dr. Susan Johnsen
Educational Psychology-School Psychology Dr. Eric Robinson
Engineering (Electrical & Computer) Dr. Michael Thompson
Engineering (Mechanical) Dr. Carolyn Skurla
English Dr. Richard Russell
Environmental Science Dr. Sascha Usenko
Geology Dr. Steve Driese
Health, Human Performance, and Recreation Dr. Jeffrey Petersen
Information Systems - MSIS, MBA/MSIS Dr. Jonathan Trower
History Dr. Barry Hankins
Information Systems - Ph.D. Dr. Dorothy Leidner
Journalism Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez
Mathematics Dr. Mark Sepanski
Modern Foreign Language-Spanish Dr. Jan Evans
Museum Studies Dr. Julie Holcomb
Music Dr. Laurel Zeiss
Nutrition Sciences Dr. Suzy Weems
Philosophy Dr. Alex Pruss
Physics Dr. Gerald Cleaver
Political Science Dr. Timothy Burns
Psychology - Clinical Dr. Gary Elkins
Psychology - Neuroscience Dr. Jim Patton
Religion Dr. James Nogalski
Sociology Dr. Carson Mencken
Social Work Dr. Jon Singletary
Statistics Dr. James Stamey
Theatre-Directing Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard
Off Campus Programs
Nursing Dr. Barbara Camune
Business - EMBA Austin & San Antonio Stacy McCracken
Business - EMBA Dallas J.L. Radford-Williard - Interim Co-Director
Baylor Military Health Sciences Programs
Clinical Orthopaedics, Physician Assistant MAJ Mike Nesbitt
Emergency Medicine, Physician Assistant MAJ Mike Nesbitt
Health and Business Administration LTC Lee Bewley
Nutrition LTC Lori Sigrist
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy - BAMC MAJ Evan Petersen
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy - West Point LTC Mike Johnson
Physical Therapy LTC Scott Shaffer
Occupational Therapy COL Yvette Woods