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Five Categories of TeaCHE

Category 1: SET Teaching Preparation (more)

Successfully complete an approved training course for teaching:

  • Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) through the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL)
  • Graduate School-approved departmental training course for preparation of Teachers of Record (TORs)
  • EDA 6302 - Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Category 2: Teacher of Record Orientation (more)

Successfully complete the Teacher of Record Orientation.

Category 3: Teaching Documents (more)

Prepare a statement of teaching philosophy and two different course syllabi. Complete a peer review process of all three documents with peer(s) of your choosing.

Category 4: Observations (more)

Observe a faculty member in a teaching setting and receive observation of your teaching by a faculty member or through the consultation and observation services of the Academy for Teaching and Learning. Being observed entails a follow-up meeting to discuss your teaching methods, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Category 5: Self-Directed Study (more)

Complete self-directed study options totaling a minimum of 50 points from a menu of pre-approved options. The self-directed study activities include such items as participation in Seminars for Excellence in Teaching (SET) offered by the Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL), writing a synthesis and reflection on student evaluations for graduate student teachers of record, or reading texts related to teaching in higher education settings from the Teaching Capstone in Higher Education program´┐Żs Self-Directed Study Bibliography.