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Benefits for TA1s and RA1s

Graduate students who serve as teachers of record (TA1s) or externally funded researchers (RA1s) may be eligible for benefits including the following:

  • Subsidized annual health insurance premiums for students and dependents
  • Subsidized student parking decals
  • Complimentary meal credits at residential dining facilities (teachers of record only)

In order to qualify for any of these benefits and subsidies, graduate students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Teaching: Graduate students must work as the "teacher of record" for at least 6 credit hours during a 12 month period.
  • Researching: Graduate students must serve as research assistants and receive external funds/grants that cover all but $200 of their annual health insurance premium.
Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit
  • This benefit subsidizes annual health insurance premiums for graduate students and their dependents through the Baylor University Student Health Insurance plan.
  • The subsidy for qualifying graduate students leaves the student responsible for an unpaid amount of the "student only" insurance premium of $200. Furthermore, an enhanced subsidy will pay 50% of the additional annual premiums for the student's qualifying dependents (as defined by the University's health plan), leaving the student responsible for the remaining 50%.
  • Health coverage is subsidized for 12 months and is renewable annually as long as the graduate student continues to qualify under either definition - teaching or researching.
  • For those joining the health plan in January (one semester) or Summer (Summer 1 and Summer 2), the $200 student contribution will be pro-rated for the Spring or Summer term ($100 for Spring and $50 for Summer).


  • The Graduate School receives a list of qualifying students from the Graduate Program Directors in the summer and notifies students of their expected eligibility in August. GPDs are responsible for confirming the accuracy of this list, especially ensuring that the granting organization has agreed to fund the insurance for the RA1s.
  • Students enroll for insurance at the SLC (2nd floor) by August 29.
  • The Graduate School verifies the students' eligibility after the 12th class day.
  • Upon confirmation of eligibility, subsidies will be applied to the premium and any remaining balance will be billed to the student's University account.
  • If you are unsure whether you'll qualify, please check with your Graduate Program Director; if you have questions about this benefit, contact Betty Fornelius in Health Services (254-710-1493).
  • Graduate students receiving this subsidy are required to re-enroll in the Student Health Insurance plan with Health Services each year they qualify.
  • Externally funded RAs must re-enroll each semester.

Student Responsibilities

  • Confirm your teaching load with your Graduate Program Director (GPD) to ensure you qualify for benefits.
  • Enroll for insurance at the SLC (2nd floor).
  • Confirm that you have paid for the amount of insurance desired by checking your student account.
  • Note: Students who indicate a December graduation on their fall enrollment form but postpone graduation until the spring will not be automatically re-enrolled in insurance for the spring semester. If eligible, students must contact their GPD, Candice Prose, & Betty Fornelius to extend their insurance coverage.
  • Students should confirm enrollment online at the following website: Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Access. You will need to set up a free online account.
Student Parking Decals Benefit

Parking Services has one parking permit option this year for qualified graduate students. The Graduate School will pay $225 towards your parking permit.


  • Qualifying students will order a student parking decal online, and the student's account will be automatically billed for the reduced cost of the permit. If you do not see the discounted options, that means (1) you have already purchased a parking permit, or (2) you are not on the list of qualifying students. Feel free to call Parking Services at 254-710-7275 to verify your status in their system.
  • Decals will be available for pick-up in Clifton Robinson Tower at the Parking and Transportation Services counter immediately after the online order.
Meal Credits Benefit (for Teachers of Record only)
  • This benefit provides five free meals each Fall and Spring semester, valid only at the University's residential dining facilities: Brooks, Collins, Memorial, Penland, and the new East Village Dining Commons. Residential dining benefits are intended to encourage TORs to interact with their students outside of the classroom. Please note that these credits allow you, the graduate student, to eat for free while dining with your students. They cannot be used to purchase meals for others. For information about opening hours and menus, please visit: Residential Dining.


  • Qualifying TORs will receive a notice to pick up their meal cards after the 12th class day.
  • This benefit is only available during the Fall and Spring semesters. Please keep the card that is issued to you in the Fall semester as it will automatically be refilled for the Spring semester.
  • Note: You will only receive one card each year, so be careful not to lose it.
Questions or difficulties in acquiring these benefits should be addressed to Candice Prose, Assistant to the Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School (254-710-4060).