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Alternative-Academic Careers

The Graduate School is committed to professional development for students who pursue careers both within and beyond the academy. Below you’ll find links to resources for those who are considering an alternative academic (alt-ac) career.

Baylor Resources



Online Resources

Comprehensive Resources
  • Beyond Academe
    A website with advice, tools, and other resources for the job search.
  • Connected Academics
    Resources for humanities graduate students and administrators hosted by the MLA.
  • Graduate Education Reform
    Includes the task force report for the reformation of graduate education by the MLA, resources for students and administrators, a scholar mentorship matching program, and an appendix of innovative academic programs
  • Humanists@Work
    Resources for humanities graduate students and administrators seeking an alt-ac career.
  • Oystir
    Tools to help translate your academic CV and marketable skills into a resume.
  • Anne Krook
    Blog with reading list for emerging non-academics, resources pertaining to making the transition to alt-ac and translating CV's, Resumes, etc. into documents relevant for alt-ac careers.
  • Beyond the Doctorate
    Blog with job seeking advice and resources to other sites.
  • From PhD to Life
    Jen Polk’s site captures her experience and career progress after completing her PhD. Browse the inspiring interviews with people who’ve made the transition into a fulfilling career outside academia.
  • Jobs on Toast
    A blog that aims to help students answer the following questions: What jobs can I do after my PhD? How can I market myself to employers outside of academia? What skills and experience are non-academic employers looking for? When should I quit applying for academic jobs and start looking elsewhere?
  • Lilli Research Group: Preparing PhDs for Post-Academic Careers
    A great resources page with an excellent set of tips for the job seeker. LRG founder Maren Wood also offers a boot camp for post-academic jobseeker.
  • Sell Out Your Soul
    Billed as "A Career Guide for Lost Humanities Majors," this witty and irreverent blog from James Mulvey has tons of useful and inspiring material for anyone with a humanities degree who is looking for work.
  • The Cheeky Scientist
    Training and support for STEM researchers on making the transition into an industry career. There are free resources on the site that are of interest to all researchers, including a series of videos and a regular blog.
  • The Professor is In
    Alt-Ac career advice and advising from a former professor.