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Dr. Joe Yelderman

Contact Information
Dr. Joe Yelderman, Jr.
Department of Geology
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97354
Waco TX 76798

Phone (254) 710-2185
Fax (254) 710-2673

Room C426, Baylor Sciences Building



• Hydrogeology

• Environmental Geology

• Wastewater Research


Ph.D., Hydrogeology, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1983

M. S., Geology, Baylor Univ., 1976

B. S., Geology & Env. Studies, Baylor Univ., 1974

Research Interests

Dr. Yelderman's research interests are in hydrogeology and environmental studies. Specific long-term research interests include the hydrogeology of springs, groundwater/surface-water interaction, fracture flow, recharge, wetlands, waste-water research and the Edwards Aquifer.

Current Research Projects

Groundwater availability modeling of the Trinity aquifer in McLennan County. A project for the newly created Groundwater Management District in McLennan County.

Sustainable groundwater use in the Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica. Water and wastewater management in developing countries and the potential for on-site wastewater treatment systems to reduce emerging contaminents.

Dr. Yelderman combines field methods with classroom instruction and his hydrogeology classes use both aquifer tests and numerical modeling in aquifer analyses. Students design tests, install wells, and analyze the tests they performed in the field. Students usually present thesis findings in oral or poster format at regional and national meetings and many have won awards.

Dr. Yelderman is a member of GSA, NGWA, NOWRA, TOWA, and WEF. He has served as secretary treasurer for the Hydrogeology Division of GSA, as groundwater chairperson for AEG - Texas Section, and as director and groundwater chair for the TAS. He is Director of the Baylor Wastewater Research Program and Baylor in Costa Rica.

Recent Students

Jason Weckbacher, MS 2007

Weckbacher, Jason, Belden, Jason and Yelderman, Joe s. Jr., 2007, Effects of recharge on groundwater below on-site wastewater drain as related to soil type, 44th Annual Soil Survy and Land Resource Workshop, A&M University, College Station, TX Abstacts, p.4.

Jason received the Third Place Award in best student paper contest.

Carrie Wallestad, MS 2005

Yelderman, Joe C. Jr., Wallestad, Carrie, and White, Joseph D., 2006, Recalibrated Recharge: Solving complex problems with models, Geological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA Abstacts with Programs, Vol. 38, no 7.

Katherine S. Kier, MS 2001

Dutton, Alan R., Harden, Robert, and Kier, Katherine S., 2002, Convergence between Hydropressured and Geopressured zones in the Wilcox Group, Central Texas Gulf Coast, Gulf Coast association of Geological Societies Transaetions, Vol. 52, p. 197-206.

Brian Clark, MS 2000

Czarnecki, John B., Clark, Brian R., and Stanton, Gregory P., 2003, Conjunctive Use Optimization Model of the Mississippi River Valley Allurial Aquifer of Southeastern Arkansas, USGS, Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4233.

Jeremy Andrews taking a water sample from a Waco infill pipe.