Baylor University
Family & Consumer Sciences
Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

Course Descriptions

FCS 4351: Life Cycle Nutrition (prerequisite/s: FCS 2351 or consent of instructor) Nutritional needs of individuals are examined as they progress through the life cycle from birth through aging. Considerations of concomitant problems at each life stage are explored. 3-0

FCS 4387: Advanced Nutrition (prerequisite/s: FCS 2351, BIO 1305, CHE 1301, 1341, and 3341 with B or better average or consent of instructor). Nutrients and their roles in human health are explored; emphasis is placed on trends in nutritional research. 3-0.

FCS 5351: Nutrition and Aging (Cross-listed as GRT 5351) (prerequisite/s FCS 2351 or consent of instructor). Nutritional needs of individuals as they age are the course focus. Disease prevention, nutrition assessment, and the central role of nutrition in maintaining health and well being are investigated. Currently taught by Dr. Suzy Weems

FCS 5352: Pediatric Nutrition: An in-depth investigation of all aspects of pediatric nutrition. The course will cover nutrition concerns from conception through adolescence. Graduate standing. Dr Walter, Soliah, or Weems will teach

FCS 5354: Nutrition in Public Health: A comprehensive review of Public Health and the role Nutrition plays will be investigated. Prerequisite: 12 undergraduate hours in nutrition and related subjects or consent of instructor. Either Dr. Walter or Weems

FCS 5355: Macronutrients and Metabolism (prerequisite/s: FCS 4387 or consent of instructor) In-depth study of the macronutrients and their role in human metabolism.

FCS 5356: Micronutrients and Phytochemicals prerequisite/s: FCS 4387 or consent of instructor) Study of essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and their actions and interrelationships in nutrition.

FCS 5357: Global Aspects of Food and Nutrition (prerequisite/s: Graduate standing) Nutritional issues in developing countries including an analysis of factors contributing to malnutrition, effects of under nutrition, and methods of assessing nutritional status and interventions.

FCS 5358: Emerging Issues in Food and Nutrition (prerequisite/s: Graduate standing) Research, analysis and discussion of emerging trends in nutrition and food science.

FCS 5359: Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy (prerequisite/s: FCS 4388 or consent of instructor) Pathophysiology as impacted by nutritional interventions pursuant to the nutritional assessment and diagnosis of nutrition specific pathologies.

FCS 5360: Resource Management in Nutrition and Food Systems (prerequisites/s: Graduate standing) Principles of management applied to foodservice systems including institutions and restaurants and nutrition care delivery.

FCS 5370:Research Methods in Nutrition Sciences Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. An in-depth investigation of research procedures in Nutrition Sciences.

FCS 5v99: Supervised thesis research and writing.