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My Baylor Experience

Meredith Mitchell
Fashion Design
Spotlight Meredith Mitchell
Meredith took her first class at Baylor in the fall 2006, and her world was changed forever. "My professor encouraged me to explore fashion and take courses I was actually excited about. She was the first person that really made me feel like fashion wasn't a joke."

Meredith experienced similar cases with all of her professors in the Family and Consumer Science department. Many times Meredith went to a professor to stop by and say hello and says they were all very friendly and all very approachable. "The instructors always have their doors open to students and more than willing to help you out or just talk to you," she says.

Designing is more than a hobby for Meredith. Fashion and design are taken seriously at Baylor, and Meredith soon realized that "designing is an exact art, textiles is a chemical science and trend forecasting a viable, proven research area."

Meredith came to trust her instructors and peers, and because of them feels that Baylor is a special place to go to school. "Baylor is unique and full of instructors and students that are more than willing to help each other succeed in their career and life goals," Meredith says.

Most of all, Meredith enjoys her projects in the Family and Consumer Science classes. Projects give her real world experience and a real-life manifestation of her creativity. "I love that the finished products of my fashion design classes are something that can really be seen, felt and worn," Meredith says, "I enjoy and look forward to all my projects because I see them as an opportunity to creatively express my ideas and grow as a designer."

Meredith says that she doesn't doubt the value of her major because people always wear clothes and their will always be a place in the world for fashion designers.

Spotlight Melissa Bell 2
Melissa Bell
Interior Design

Melissa has just one word to describe her experience in the Family and Consumer Sciences department: camaraderie.

Melissa's time at Baylor gave her a home away from home and she describes the interior design area as a big family. "We learn from each other as we take classes and complete projects," Melissa said. "The professors are always willing to help-even outside office hours and they strive to make the major as comprehensive as possible."

Baylor creates an "all-inclusive" atmosphere that helped Melissa thrive. She attributes Baylor as a "unique place that has professors that are not only brilliant, but people and service-oriented." Baylor offers students an "extremely high academic standard" and "Christian focus[ed]" environment that will keep every student spiritually balanced.

"Once you become a Baylor Bear you are one forever. With a Baylor education, I believe that it is possible to do anything," Sarah says.

Spotlight Briana Molina 2
Briana Molina
Fashion Merchandising

Briana Molina came from a small town in Wyoming and wanted a school to fit her needs. She went to Baylor University and found a family that helped her succeed. "I knew that I wanted to go to a school that could give me a quality education based on Christian principles with a major for my specific interest, Fashion Merchandising," Briana says, " I felt God calling me to Baylor. Baylor provided all of the things I was looking for and more."

Briana attributes Baylor's hands on approach to her great education. At Baylor, teaching doesn't stay within the box. "I was able to design and execute a window display within the Family and Consumer Science department and designed a visual display at Dillard's."

At the root of Baylor's education are the professors. Briana trusted her mentors to give her a good education, and what she got was much more. "The professors make time for their students. They bring their real life experiences and knowledge into the classroom to enhance our learning."

Sarah Tigner
Child and Family Studies

Spotlight Sara Tigner
Sarah came to Baylor and knew immediately that she found a new home. All her worries were at ease, and she discovered that Baylor combined everything that was important to her. "I knew Baylor was the right school for me because of the friendliness of the student body, the excellence in academics and the faith in Christ is clearly present on campus," Sarah says.

A lot of students change their major and Sarah was one of them. She came to Baylor as Biology major on the pre-med track but soon found her calling as a child life specialist major in the Family and Consumer Sciences.

Sarah loves campus life at Baylor and loves Baylor for its sense of community. "Once you become a Baylor Bear you are one forever. With a Baylor education, I believe that it is possible to do anything," Sarah says.

Baylor students are some of the most caring and philanthropic in the country. The amount of volunteer work exposed to students can seem overwhelming but Sarah exemplifies a typical Baylor student and joined a student organization. She joined and eventually became president of the Child and Family Studies Organization and committed to volunteer with the March of Dimes event.

"This event happens every spring, and when I became president I chose to make this cause the pet project of the group," Sarah said.

After graduation Sarah will go to Washington D.C. to do a 560-hour internship with Child Life internship at Children's National Medical Center. Sarah is thankful that she had the opportunity to go to Baylor and prepare her for her next chapter in life.

"I have loved everything that I have been a part of in the Baylor Community. There are countless traditions at Baylor that, as a student, you become instantly connect to," Sarah says.