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B.S. Degree - Minor in Environmental Studies

Nineteen semester hours including the following:

  1. ENV 1101 and 1301.
  2. At least three semester hours from: ENV 2376, 3300, 3320, 4307, 4307, 4310, 4350, or 4393.
  3. At least three semester hours from: ENV 2375, 2407, 3306, 3314, or 3387.
  4. Nine semester hours of additional environmental studies electives (to total a minimum of nineteen
    semester hours required for the minor).
  5. Note: At least nine semester hours of the entire environmental studies minor must be at the
    "3000" - "4000" level courses.

Students completing Natural World (BIC 2447) in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core may receive credit toward the minor for ENV 1301 and one hour of lower level ENV electives.