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Travel Funding

English graduate students who have had papers accepted for presentation at a recognized academic conference may apply for reimbursement of their expenses for up to $150 for M.A. program candidates and $300 for Ph.D. candidates.


They apply by sending an e-mail to the faculty member who is chair of the travel funding committee and the other two members of the committee, which rotates. (For 2013-2014 the chair is Maurice Hunt and the members are Joe Fulton and Emily Setina.)

The e-mail, sent simultaneously to all three members before the date of the conference, should apply for a specific amount, describe the paper along with its title, the name and place of the conference, its dates, and include a several-sentence account of how presenting the specific paper will professionally benefit the graduate student. Two attachments to the e-mail are required: a pdf of a letter or e-mail from a conference official that shows acceptance of the paper, and a completed Travel Grant Application form. (The form appears here and on the EGSA website).

After returning from the conference, the student attaches travel and conference-related receipts to a reimbursement form, which may be obtained from Lois Avey. The completed form is returned to Office Manager Avey and she will give it to Dr. Vitanza for her signature. A reimbursement check will be sent a few weeks afterward to the graduate student's local mailing address.