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Writing Center Tutors

Marianna Fountain grew up in Forest, Mississippi and studied English, Psychology, Religion, and TESOL at Mississippi College. Before coming to Baylor, Marianna taught and tutored ESL. She is in the second year of the Master's program in English, focusing on twentieth-century literature. She loves giving students tools to develop and express their ideas and enjoys seeing papers at every stage in the writing process. Brainstorming ideas, helping students when they feel stuck, and working on grammar are some of her favorite aspects of tutoring. She also relishes helping with job applications and personal statements.

Wesley Garey is a first-year Ph.D. student from Decatur, Georgia with a B.A. in English & Philosophy from Covenant College near Chattanooga, Tennessee. He plans to specialize in Renaissance literature, but is also very interested in Romanticism, theology, and hermeneutics. At Covenant College, Wesley worked as a peer tutor at the Writing Center, where he discovered his love of tutoring and his desire to help other writers. One of his favorite parts of tutoring is the way it offers both writers and tutors a chance to learn something new about their writing. Besides personal essays, he also enjoys hearing literature and philosophy papers.

Lois Johnson is a Ph.D. student in the Religion & Literature Program with interests in Theology of Art, New South Literature, Postcolonialism, Ecocriticsm, British and Russian literatures. She is originally from Texas and graduated with a B.A. from Baylor and an M.A. from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after which she worked at Davenport University teaching Freshman Composition for seven years. She enjoys tutoring students with interests in religion and literature, as well as those writing about ecology, biology, history, and political science. This is her second year in the Writing Center.

Jeremy Larson is from South Carolina, where he earned a B.A. in creative writing and an M.A. in English at Bob Jones University. He is a second-year PhD student in Religion & Literature. Before moving to Waco with his wife and daughter, he taught high school English and worked as an adjunct English instructor at several universities and colleges. He has tutored students privately, and he has also worked in writing centers at other schools. Tutoring is a great opportunity because he gets to talk with students about a variety of interesting topics, including things such as choral requiems, creation myths from other cultures, and children's movies.

Elizabeth Travers is a first-year M.A. student interested in Gerard Manley Hopkins and George Herbert. She has a B.A. in English from Mississippi College. Before coming to Baylor, Elizabeth spent seven years as a teacher, where she regularly critiqued the writing of others, and two years as a marketing copywriter, where others regularly critiqued her writing. As a result, she knows that collaboration not only sharpens writing ability but also shapes personal growth. Elizabeth enjoys helping students formulate ideas, organize thoughts, structure arguments, and polish sentence syntax. After all, a thought well-expressed can bring joy to God, the Maker of all language and skill.