Lightning - What You Need to Know
Want to know more about lightning?


If lightning threatens when inside:

  • Stay inside.
  • Stay away from open doors or windows, radiators, metal pipes, sinks, and plug-in electrical objects such as radios, electric typewriters, lamps, etc.

    • Do not use plug-in electrical equipment.
    • Do not use the telephone. Lightning may strike the telephone lines outside.

If lightning threatens when outside:

  • Seek shelter in a building, if possible.
  • When there is no shelter, avoid the highest object in the area (trees, poles, etc.) Avoid being the highest object yourself. If only isolated trees are nearby, the best protection is to squat down and minimize contact with the ground (do not lie on the ground), keeping at least as far away from isolated trees as they are high.
  • If wearing or carrying anything metal, get rid of it.
  • If an electrical charge is felt (hair stands on end, skin tingles), lightning may be about to strike. Drop to knees and bend forward, putting hands on knees.

Persons struck by lightning receive a severe electrical shock and may be burned, but they carry no electrical charge and can be handled safely. A person struck by lightning can often be revived by prompt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac compression (CPR).