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Emergency Procedures Guide

Emergency Procedures



When a fire breaks out in a crowded place, everyone runs to the entrance. People panic and start pushing. Some fall down. Some even die. When you walk into a building, plan an exit strategy. And keep in mind, the best way out may not be the way in. Read More

Active Shooter


For information on preparing yourself for an active shooter situation, watch Options for Consideration, provided by the Department of Homeland Security and review the Baylor Police Department website. If you are interested in obtaining training for your department, contact the Baylor Police Department to schedule a presentation. Read More



Know what actions to take in the event of a disruptive individual.Read More

Bomb Threat


Know what actions to take in the event you receive a bomb threat, or are aware of a bomb threat in the area.Read More



Baylor University is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees. This includes providing fast and effective first aid treatment when needed..Read More

Hazardous Spills and/or Releases


When a hazardous chemical is released, appropriate and immediate response can prevent serious injury to students and employees. In the event of a spill or other release of hazardous materials, all persons on Baylor University premises should be prepared to act appropriately.Read More

Other Hazards and Incidents


Other hazards and incidents may occur on campus such as power outages and elevator entrapments, you should know what to do.Read More