Strongest Man

  • $10 per person
  • Competition combines points earned from three different events testing physical strength
  • Events will be spaced evenly throughout Diadeloso and will offer contestants the opportunity to participate in other activities as well as competing in a day-long event
  • Each event is worth five points to the winner, three points to the second place finisher, two points to the third place finisher and one point to the fourth place finisher
  • There are five weight classes: 150 lbs and under, 151 lbs - 175lbs, 176lbs - 200 lbs, 201 lbs - 225 lbs, and over 225 lbs
  • In the event that any weight class cannot form, those competitors will be moved up one weight class
  • Start time is 2:00 pm on Diadeloso
  • Registration is now closed

Strength Tests

  • Hercules Hold
    Two equally weighted poles will lean outward from the contestants grip. The clock will begin as soon as the weight is fully resting upon the hands of the contestant and will stop when the poles hit the ground. There will be a 3 minute limit for each contestant. Anyone holding for the full 3 minutes will be given first place points for the event.
  • Truck Pull
    A vehicle will be pulled for time by contestants over a distance of 30 yards. The time will start at beginning whistle and will stop as soon as the front wheel of the vehicle touches the finish line.
  • Tire Flip
    Contestants will have to flip a tire edge-over-edge over a distance of 30 yards. Two contestants will compete side by side, but will not be competing head to head. Time will determine the winner. Time will start at the whistle and will stop when any part of the contestant�s tire has touched or crossed the finish line. Rolling of the tire is not permitted. In the case of incidental roll, the contestant will be asked to back up to the point where the roll began. In the case of intentional roll, the contestant will be disqualified at the sole discretion of the judge.

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