Stage Schedule

Main Stage: 5th Street
SUB Bowl Stage: SUB Bowl
9:00 (Main Stage) Dia Zumba
9:30 (SUB) Latin Dance Society
10:00 (SUB) Swing Dance Society
10:30 (Main Stage) Uproar Artist
11:00 (Main Stage) NPHC Step Show
11:30 (SUB) The Tower
12:00 (Main Stage) Kamikaze Fireflies
1:30 (Main Stage) Uproar Artist
2:30 (Main Stage) Max Major (Magician/Mentalist)
3:30 (SUB) Baylor Dance Company
4:00 (SUB) StompFest Winner
4:30 (SUB) Poppers, Lockers, & Breakers
5:30 (SUB) Guerilla Comedy Troupe
Time: TBD Announcement of Student Body Officers
7:00 (Main Stage) Opener
8:00 (Main Stage) NEEDTOBREATHE

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