Athletic Tournaments

This year's athletic tournaments offer a competitive edge among student organizations! The winners in each tournament will receive money for their philantrophy (or charity) and intramural points.

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General Information

  • All tournaments will be held the day of Diadeloso
  • Tournament sites and brackets will be posted the day before Diadeloso
  • There will be a mandatory meeting for all participants. Times and dates for these meetings will be announced at a later date. Only one team representative will be required to attend for all team tournaments
  • Tournament entry fees are non-refundable except in the instance of a tournament folding
  • The Chamber reserves the right to fold any tournament due to lack of interest or any other reason
  • Most tournaments are "call your own" situations, however; officials will be present and reserve the right to call any penalties. Officials' decisions are final. Any conduct or behavior perceived by officials as un-sportsmanlike may result in elimination from a tournament
  • All tournament seedings will be chosen randomly
  • Tournament Registration will close at 11:59pm on Friday, April 8th.

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