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Welcome to Diadeloso & NocheDelOso!

As spring approaches the Baylor campus once more, it is time to begin thinking about Baylor's annual holiday, Diadeloso. Each spring since 1932, students at Baylor have been given a day off from classes so that they can enjoy the outdoors with their friends and classmates at this annual event.

This year will feature a new addition, NocheDelOso (Night of the Bear) featuring a concert with Michael Ray featuring MamaDear followed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens at McLane Stadium. DiaDeloso kicks off on Tuesday morning with a full day's schedule filled with fun and games along with many booths sponsored by various student organizations. The day will include tournaments like tug-of-war, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, bowling, and basketball.

How did Diadeloso get started?
Dia started in 1932 as a way to "bring smiles to the faces of students" by giving them a break from classes. The annual spring holiday gradually became a favorite pastime. Re-organized by the Chamber of Commerce in 1935, its popularity rapidly grew and the name of the occasion through the years changed from All University Day to Physical Fitness Day to May Day. In 1966 students voted to name the annual occasion "Diadeloso" or "The Day of the Bear."

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NocheDelOso Featuring Michael Ray with MamaDear

Tuesday Night Featuring Elephante

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