What is the Baylor University Audiology Clinic?

At the Baylor University Audiology Clinic you will find audiologists and graduate students who are supervised by audiologists providing a full range of hearing health care services to patients of all ages.

Our students have the opportunity to use state of the art diagnostic audiological testing equipment and have exposure to cutting edge hearing aid technology.

To make an appointment, call 254-710-2568.

Hearing Loss - A Common Problem

It is estimated that over 28 million children and adults have some degree of hearing loss.

We are surrounded by sounds that keep us in tune with our environment. Many sounds such as the voice of a loved one or the laugh of a child are meaningful and enrich our lives. Hearing loss may interfere with a person's quality of life. Happy occasions such as a family birthday party or eating out at a restaurant may become exhausting to the hearing impaired person as they strain to hear and understand speech. It is not uncommon for the individual with hearing loss to begin to avoid these social situations because communication requires so much effort. Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation and/or depression.

What services are available at the Baylor Audiology Clinic?

Our audiologists and supervised graduate students work with patients from within the Baylor community and the Central Texas community at large. Patients are referred to our Clinic by self referral, physicians, school districts, Early Childhood Intervention, Lion's Club, Sertoma Club, and referral from friends or family.

  • Complete audiological evaluations for newborns to adults.
  • Hearing aid evaluations and hearing aid consultations with clinical audiologists
  • Hearing aid fitting and dispensing (we utilize a full range of hearing aid styles and the latest technology from top hearing aid manufacturers)
  • Hearing aid programming and adjustments
  • Hearing aid repairs (in house when possible or manufacturer repair if necessary)
  • Electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids
  • Real ear measurements
  • Full line of hearing aid accessories (Dri aid kits, cleaning tools, batteries, etc)
  • Assistive Listening Devices (amplified telephones, FM systems, pocket talkers, TV ears etc)
  • Earmolds (variety of styles and color choices including bright cheerful colors for children)
  • Musician's earplugs
  • Custom Swim/Noise Earplugs
  • Hearing conservation programs