Speech & Language Clinic

The Baylor Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic

The Baylor Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic is a community based clinic which has been in place for over 40 years. The clinical faculty and staff are dedicated to providing both the highest quality care for our clients and "hands-on" training for our graduate clinicians. Our graduate students have been afforded opportunities to work with a variety of populations which makes our students' training uncommon and exceptional, thus enhancing treatment for our clients.

This facility provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients of all ages with difficulties in communication processes or swallowing. The range of services includes: screenings; consultation with individuals of all ages concerning communication delays or disorders; comprehensive evaluations and treatment for speech language, and hearing habilitation and rehabilitation.

The Baylor Speech and Hearing Clinic is a professional clinical division of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. All clinical faculty members are certified by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and are licensed by the State of Texas.