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Distribution of contract originals/copies

Who needs originals?:

There must be two original, signed copies of each contract: one for Baylor, and one for the other party. Send Baylor's original signed copy to the Central Information Files (CIF) located in the Financial Services/Treasurer's Office, Robinson Tower, Suite 670, One Bear Place #97043.

Who needs copies?:

  • You do – First and foremost, always keep a copy of every signed contract affecting your department in the department office.

  • Accounts payable – If the contract involves payment to another entity, Accounts Payable will need a copy of the signed contract before they can make payment.

  • Procurement services – If the contract is to be paid with a requisition (any contract of $5,000 or more) Procurement Services will need a copy of the signed contract before they can issue a purchase order.

  • Purchasing card records – If you are paying for the contract with your purchasing card (this is done only on an exception basis), keep a signed copy of the contract with your departmental purchasing card records to have on hand when your records are audited.

  • Office of the General Counsel - only upon request–If OGC needs a copy of your contract, they will request it. Otherwise, you do not need to provide them a copy.