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Event Planning

From receptions to dinners -- from lectures to conferences, many academic departments host events. The following information may help you plan your next event.

Institutional Events Whether you are planning a luncheon for 10 or a conference for 1,000, start by calling Institutional Events. They can partner with you, or refer you to the one responsible in the following areas:

Selecting a date To help avoid date conflicts, consult the < university calendar online, this will give you an idea of what is happening on campus, especially major events. (Be aware, however, that the calendar is not a complete list of all scheduled events at Baylor.)

Reserving a room/space -- There are many rooms and spaces at Baylor which you may want to consider for your events, and they are managed by many different offices. The following link provides information on booking a venue. Institutional Events can guide you to the correct appropriate contact people.

AV needs/technical assistance� Different rooms have different AV capabilities; check with the person in charge of the room for details. The University Host's office can help you with other AV needs and technical assistance.

Internet access � If you have people from off-campus coming for your event who will need internet/Air Bear access, you will need to arrange for them to get a temporary Bear ID. Plan ahead! This process can take up to two weeks. For more information see this website: Requesting a temporary Bear ID.

After hours room use, locking schedule, carpet cleaning etc. � Notify housekeeping if you have needs any of these areas : Charlene_Howell@baylor.

Tables and chairs/Room set-up -- When you reserve a room, find out if they provide set up for tables and chairs if you need them (some do and some don't). It they don't, you can order tables and chairs and get assistance with room set-up, by submitting a work-order through facilities services. Here is the link to the work-order systemor you can call 254-710-1361. Table cloths do not automatically come with the tables. Order table cloths from the Special Events Manager in Dining Services.

Decorations � There are a few fire/safety policies of which you need to be aware in planning for your decorations, particularly if you are planning to use candles or tall items such as Christmas trees. Here is the policy. Contact the Office of Risk Management for more information.

Catering -- According to Baylor policy, most events scheduled on Baylor campus or using University funds should be serviced through Baylor catering. If you don't see what you want on one of the standard menus, or if you just want a little more personal consultation, don't hesitate to call. They are very accommodating.

Accommodations for Speakers/Guests -- If you have speakers, dignitaries or other guests coming in for your event who need accommodations, Baylor has a few guest rooms and apartments available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Host Services for more information about this service.

Other accommodations in the Waco area.

Payment for Speakers � For information about how to correctly pay a speaker, please see this website: Paying People, or contact Accounts Payable.

Publicizing your event � There are many ways you may want to publicize your event:

  • Posting it on the university calendar and publicizing it on Baylor's website � Whoever manages your web site for your department can post your event online. If your department needs assistance with using Baylor's web management systems to publish an event, please contact your Internet Services Consultant.
  • Printing needs: invitations, name tags, pocket folders, printed campus maps � For any printing needs including invitations you can contact Printing Procurement. They are also your source for Baylor name tags, pocket folders and printed campus maps. They usually have those items on hand.
  • Posters, brochures, etc. -- If you want help creating professional posters, brochures and other publicity pieces for your event contact the department of Marketing Communications.

Recording your event --

  • Baylor Photography � If you would like a Baylor photographer to be present at your event, plan ahead; let them know the date of your event as soon as you know it.
  • Videotaping � If you would like to make arrangements to have your event video-recorded contact KWBU. Contact people are Carla Hervey (254-710-4298)

Parking -- For information about visitor parking passes and other parking issues related to your event contact Parking Services.

Security � If you believe your event has a security related need, contact or call the Baylor police department at 710-2222 to review the nature of the event.

Tours of campus � Campus tours are arranged through the office of campus visits. For more information see this website.

Other handy information: