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Active Minds at Baylor University

Changing the conversation about mental health


Active Minds will resume monthly meetings in the Fall. All students interested in Active Minds are welcome to attend!


Active minds is a national organization focused on two aspects: spreading education and awareness of mental health issues that affect college students, and reducing the stigma surrounding these issues.� Nearly half of all American college students have been affected by depression, anxiety, drug abuse, suicide, and many other mental health issues-- and because these issues are prevalent on college campuses, there is a need for awareness.� The mission of Active Minds is just that: to educate, and to let others know that they are not alone in their struggle.� Active Minds at Baylor University is a student organization tailored to the specific needs of the Baylor campus.


Julian Aliche, President
[email protected]

Sarah Krennerich, Vice President
[email protected]

Kristin Waites, Secretary
[email protected]

Zach Warman, Treasurer
Zach [email protected]

Roya Tabibi, Publicity Chair
[email protected]

Matt Potlock, Fundraising Chair
[email protected]


Kristin Abbott, Graduate Assistant for Outreach
[email protected]
Graduate Advisor

Dr. Emma Wood, Psy. D., Staff Psychologist and Coordinator of Outreach
[email protected]
Staff Advisor

McLane Student Life Center
2nd Floor
Phone: 254.710.2467
Fax: 254.710.2460

Hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.