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Pornography in Media

What portion of movies rented are pornographic?

A) 1 in 20
B) 1 in 10
C) 1 in 5
D) 1 in 3

Busy Street


Undeniable Presence

One of the reasons the problem of pornography is more severe today than it was 50 years ago is the availability of the product. New distribution techniques have made it more readily obtainable and the growth of the internet places the ability to discreetly view pornography into any person's hands. From 1998 until 2003, the number of pages of pornography available online jumped 1800% making more than 260 million pages of pornography available. The medium is so easily accessible that a 2001 poll by the Kaiser Family foundation found 70% of teenagers 15-17 years old had accidentally come across pornography online. With temptation a click away, it is not surprising many people find it difficult to escape.

Disturbingly Powerful

The pornography industry has become so powerful that its film output of 11,000 per year eclipses Hollywood's meager 400. Attempting to justify pornography, Nadine Strossen, a former president of the American Civil Liberties Union emphasizes the financial strength of the company. In a book titled Defending Pornography she says, "Of the $10 billion sex industry, it's not ten perverts spending $1 billion a year." Her point may support the pornography industry on an economic level, but it should be a wake up call to anyone who thinks the pornography industry is not affecting us. There are more important things in the world than money, and the power of the pornography industry shows we are losing grasp on some of them. Millions of Americans struggle daily to turn the pornography off. Even more staggering, the above statistics do not include the seductive photographs found at the edge of every grocery store checkout aisle and the soft pornography found in magazines such as Stuff and Maxim. When it comes to pornography, we are walking through a clover covered minefield.

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