Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Cultivating a habit and a hunger for learning

Personal Enrichment

Are you looking for a new hobby, the opportunity to explore subjects that have always piqued your curiosity or electives that never fit in your student schedule? Perhaps you want a fun way to meet new friends or creative ideas for dates with family and friends. Maybe you would are searching for guidance in your commitment to civic engagement. Baylor Continuing Education personal enrichment courses respond to your interests. You will find a variety of course offerings from one session to several sessions, on weeknights and on weekends. We even offer virtual book clubs facilitated on LinkedIn.

All courses require registration before the first class session. Minors are welcome when noted in the course description, and they must be accompanied at all class sessions by an adult who has registered with them.

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Spanish for Beginners
Whether you hope to travel abroad, expand your clientele, or get to know your neighbor, Baylor's Spanish for Beginners is the class for you. Instructor Katie Samples, on loan from Baylor's Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, makes this course practical and hands-on by focusing on the skills and structures that will help you speak and understand quickly. You'll learn strategies for recognizing language patterns, learn key vocabulary, and get tips for using study resources. Throughout this course, you'll have plenty of chances to try out your new Spanish so you feel comfortable using it any time. The textbook costs around $30 and is not included in course fee. Upon registration, please request instructions for purchase of the textbook and bring textbook to first class session. An adult may register (and must attend) with one youth 16 years or older.
Course NumberCELAN01.01
Dates1/26/17-3/2/17; Thursday 6:30-8:30pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Greek for Beginners
Why are there multiple translations of scripture? Do people miss anything by only reading biblical translations in their first languages? How can students of Scripture make better use of biblical commentaries? Dr. Todd Still, dean of Baylor's Truett Seminary, invites you to explore these questions and more through this accessible introduction to the Greek of the New Testament. This course provides an introduction to foundational Greek, ecclesial Greek, and functional Greek. Students will learn Greek phrasing, manipulate traditional and reverse interlinear translations, and develop a better understanding of how to use commentaries and Bible software programs. The textbook costs around $30 and is not included in course fee. Upon registration, please request instructions for purchase of the textbook. An adult may register (and must attend) with one youth 16 years or older
Course NumberCELAN02.01
Dates1/26/17-3/2/17; Thursday 6:30-8:30pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Sailing for Beginners
Gain confidence and skill sailing on our beloved Brazos River in this seven session course for sailing novices. Veteran sailing instructor Drew Risinger will guide students through the following topics: equipment, weather conditions, wind direction and velocity, tides and currents, rigging and de-rigging, storage and care of sails and equipment. By the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to sail solo! A copy of American Red Cross Basic Sailing is included in the course cost. Students will wear life jackets at all time and must be comfortable sustaining self in deep water while wearing life jacket. Please bring a pen, paper and towel and wear a bathing suit or clothes you can get wet in and tennis shoes to each session. Upon completion of this course, participants will be eligible to purchase guest access (up to three additional guests) at the Pullin Family Marina throughout the summer season. Adults 18 and older are welcome.
Course NumberCEFIT01.01
Dates5/8/17-5/31/17; MW 5:30-7pm
LocationBaylor Pullin Family Marina
Bear Feet: Creative Movement for Well-Being
Come kick off your shoes, step in, warm up, stretch out, breathe, hum, holler, kick, punch, dance...and then unwind, cool down and chill out. Dr. Jana Millar, a certified blue belt Nia instructor, will guide participants through creative movement based on the Nia Technique. Nia is a movement practice inspired by dance arts, martial arts, and yoga that is designed to promote flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability. All movements are low-impact, adaptable for any fitness level, and are performed barefoot to a variety of musical styles. Emphasis is placed on mindfulness, body awareness and creative expression. No experience is required, and no audience is allowed. Wear comfortable clothes that allow for a wide range of movement. Adults 18 and older are welcome to register.
Course NumberCEFIT02.01
Dates5/16/17-6/6/17; Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
LocationBaylor Hooper-Shaefer Fine Arts Center - Movement Studio
Group Piano for Adult Beginners
Have you always dreamed of playing the piano? Do you wish you had continued lessons beyond childhood? Join Baylor piano instructor Chris Madden for this low-pressure, interactive group piano course. With instruction on rhythm, note reading and basic improvisation, you can fulfill your dream of learning to play the piano! This course is designed for adult beginners with no music experience as well as adults who took piano lessons years ago or have experience in another instrument. Class is held in a Waco Hall piano lab. Students should have their own piano or keyboard for home practice. The student book costs around $15 and is not included in the course fee. Upon registration, please request instructions for book purchase and bring book to first class session. No class will be held on March 9th during Spring Break. Adults 18 and older are welcome.
Course NumberCEMUS01.01
Dates1/26/17-3/23/17; Thursday 6-7:30pm
LocationWaco Hall East, rm. 203
Music and Dance1/26/2017$149
Latin Dance
Take your first steps in Latin social dance or brush up your moves with Craig and Kay Waldrop. Over six sessions the Waldrops will introduce the basic steps of Dominican merengue and Cuban cha-cha-cha. The Waldrops have taught social dance at Baylor for more than a decade, and they are eager to share their enthusiasm for dance with you. Each student must register with a partner. Adults 18 and older are welcome.
Course NumberCEMUS02.01
Dates5/11/17-6/15/17; Thursday 7:00-8:30pm
LocationBaylor Hooper-Shaefer Fine Arts Center -- Movement Studio
Music and Dance5/11/2017$79
A Caffeinated Journey: Coffee Bean, Brew and Cup
What does it really take to make your precious cup of coffee? Instructor Cody Fergusson will guide you through the journey of a coffee bean from the farm to your cup. Lectures will explore the history of coffee, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing as well as industry practices, skills and culture. Students will also participate in coffee roasting, brewing and tasting/cupping and will also take home a sample of beans they roast together. Adults 18 and older are welcome
Course NumberCECUL03.01
Dates3/14/17-3/28/17; Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm
LocationApex Coffee Roasters; 324 S 6th St
Culinary Arts and Dining3/14/2017$49
Modern Manners for Confident Dining
Do you, like most of us, manage a little anxiety when you are in the presence of a stranger at a business luncheon, dinner or a stand up reception? Sarah Aynesworth can help you build confidence for these social events. Over a four-course meal in this interactive class you will learn:
  • host and guest duties
  • toasting savvy
  • place settings
  • reception skills
  • styles of eating
  • A-Z of navigating the table
  • tipping
  • and much more!
Course NumberCECUL01.01
Dates2/9/17; Thursday 6-8pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Culinary Arts and Dining2/9/2017$49
Family Dining Etiquette
Does your family manage hectic afternoon and evening schedules of meetings, practices and recitals? Many families struggle to find time for family meals and table manners become lax in our fast-paced culture. Take this afternoon to let Sarah Aynesworth teach your child graceful table manners over an interactive three-course dinner. Topics include:
  • the seven ingredients of a good introduction
  • napkin etiquette
  • place settings
  • using silverware properly
  • how to set the table
  • how to cut food properly
  • other dos and don'ts while dining
Let Ms. Aynesworth help your family build the habits of happy table fellowship. Individual dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Adults may register (and must attend) with up to two children 7 to 12 years old.
Course NumberCECUL02.02
Dates3/25/17; Saturday 11am-1pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Culinary Arts and Dining3/25/2017$39
Tea for Two
Ladies and gentlemen, young and old, join Sarah Aynesworth for a tea party like none other! Over an interactive tea party Ms. Aynesworth will teach you elegant manners that far exceed the reach of the tea table. Topics include introductions, body language, when and when not to use your cell phone and most of all skills for enjoying the lost art of conversation. After an afternoon with Ms. Aynesworth, you could be ready for tea at the Savoy in London or the Ritz in Paris. Individual dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Adults may register (and must attend) with up to two children 7 years or older.
Course NumberCECUL04.01
Dates5/6/17; Saturday 2-4pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Culinary Arts and Dining5/6/2017$29
FullCalligraphic Art: Beautiful Letters Created by Hand
Calligraphy is the art of beautiful letters. A variety of tools are used to create these beautiful letters, and instructor Jeanne Dittmann will give you a brief overview of those tools as well as the styles that can be mastered over time. Supplies are included in registration fee and will be provided at the first class session. Adults 18 and older are welcome. Note: This course is currently full. Please call 254-710-6440 if interested in being added to the waitlist.
Course NumberCEART01.01
Dates1/19/17 to 2/23/17; Thursday 6-8pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Card-Crafting: Heirloom Dressers
A greeting card can be a gift in and of itself! Instructor Rebecca Chatham is our resident expert in card crafting and she will help you create three greeting cards with faux drawers that hold tiny treasures. You will learn guidelines for measuring, cutting, distressing and embellishing, and you will take home three cards perfect to enhance scrapbooks or to give as gifts (Remember, Valentine's Day is coming soon!). Each student please bring detail scissors, glue stick, pencil and ruler to class. All other supplies are included in course fee. Adults may register (and must attend) with up to two children 10 years and older.
Course NumberCEART02.01
Dates2/11/17; Saturday 10am-12pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Virtual Book Club: Community Development
Curious about collective impact, heath, education and financial security in Waco? If you live in greater Waco and want to learn about what community leaders are doing in your city, then look no further. This book club will be completely online, facilitated through a private LinkedIn group, to allow for maximum participation but its purview will be highly local. You choose how much or how little time you want to invest. We'll read books related to financial security, health, education, collective impact and more and discuss how we can incorporate these ideas into making our community better. This book club is part of a partnership with Prosper Waco and is open to anyone interested in the success of the greater Waco area. A PBC Guru facilitator will select the book list from which participants will vote on six, reading one book every two months. The facilitator will post weekly blog posts to stimulate conversation. Apart from the annual registration fee, participants will purchase their own books.
Course NumberCECIV02.01
Dates2/1/17 to 1/31/18
Civic Engagement2/1/2017$29
Waco 101: How to Grow a Downtown
How does a city work? What makes it thrive? The Waco 101 series is about the nuts and bolts of how Waco works and how you can get involved. Join Ashley Thornton in this session for a fascinating study of downtown Waco. Together with guest speakers we will explore the history of downtown, what's going on now and what's planned for the future. We will consider why the downtown is important and how our community could work together to develop this important asset. You'll learn about different groups who are working to build up downtown -- the PID, the TIF, City Center, etc. -- and leave with ideas about how you can get involved. Class may end with a walking tour of downtown, so bring your walking shoes. Adults may register (and must attend) with up to two children 12 years or older.
Course NumberCECIV01.01
Dates2/25/17; Saturday 9-12pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Civic Engagement2/25/2017$10
Waco 101: City of Waco Urban Water Drop Tour
Where does our water come from? How is it treated for household consumption? Where does it go after we have used it? These are questions that Nora Schell, program coordinator of the Lake Waco Wetlands, will explore with you during a walking tour of the Dissolved Air Flotation Plant (DAF), Mount Carmel Water Treatment Facility and Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System. Bring your walking shoes for this tour of our urban water cycle! Participants must provide their own transportation between sites. Adults may register (and must attend) with up to two children 12 years or older.
Course NumberCECIV01.02
Dates3/18/17; Saturday 9am-12pm
LocationCity of Waco DAF Plant (4620 Airport Drive)
Civic Engagement3/18/2017$10
Prosper Waco Lectures: Financial Security
Dr. Gary Carini of the Baylor's Hankamer School of Business will introduce the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) as well as one graduate of the program who is a now a successful businessperson in Texas. The Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) begin in Houston, Texas in 2004 based on the idea that prisoners could be entrepreneurs. PEP founders and volunteers are motivated by the belief that providing prisoners with hope for financial security upon leaving prison is the greatest gift they could give. Over 300 Baylor graduate business students have participated in PEP for the past 9 years and have volunteered hundreds of hours offering their business knowledge to help incarcerated men in Texas. Lunch is provided in the course fee, and individual dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Adults 18 and older are welcome.
Course NumberCECIV03.01
Dates2/10/17; Friday 11:30am-1pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Civic Engagement2/10/2017$12
Restructured: Prosper Waco Lectures: Health
Dr. Kelly Ylitalo of Baylor's Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences will share findings from the Texas Healthy Communities Project. This event has been restructured with the Population Health Symposium of the Office of the Provost. For more information please contact Liz Webb at 254-710-3386 or email
Course NumberCECIV03.02
Civic Engagement3/24/2017$TBD
Prosper Waco Lectures: Education
Dr. Sandi Cooper of the Baylor School of Education will share the importance of mathematics learning for young children and how this can impact future success. In the summer of 2016, Dr. Cooper coordinated a multi-week, highly engaging learning experience to support early number development for children from low socio-economic situations. The Math for Early Learners Academy (MELA) was designed to develop numerical fluency for children ages 4-8 (PreK " 2nd grade), using a research-based curriculum and assessment, with engaging informal experiences through the Mayborn Museum. Dr. Cooper will share findings from the first year of MELA and plans for continued program development. Lunch is provided in the course fee, and individual dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated. Adults 18 and older are welcome.
Course NumberCECIV03.03
Dates4/21/17; Friday 11:30am-1pm
LocationMayborn Museum Complex
Civic Engagement4/21/2017$12