Volunteer Information

So you're ready to take off? Outstanding!

Move-In Days 2017 will be a great experience for our new residents and volunteers alike! With the re-opening of Penland Hall, we will need more volunteers than ever for Move-In Days 2017...and with your help, we'll help all our new residents get settled in their new homes in record time!

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Individual Volunteer Form
If you are volunteering as an individual, please fill out the information regarding your preference on position and shift. If you have a preference on location, you may put that in the comments section and we will do our best to comply.

Group Volunteer Form
If you volunteering a group of people, whether a student organization, a church group, a community group, or a family, please give us your name, email, and shift preference along with a number of each size of t-shirt for your group. All groups will be assigned as baggage handlers. You may request your location in the comments section and we will do our best to comply.

Department Volunteer Form
You need to provide a listing of each individual that will be volunteering, including email address, shift preference, and position preference for each person. Please use the downloadable spreadsheet to provide this data. It is available for download by clicking here.

MOVE2BU Position Descriptions

  • Air Traffic Controller - directs vehicular traffic in traffic routes
  • Baggage Handler - transports bags and boxes from vehicles to rooms
  • Flight Attendant - assists medical personnel in hydration tents
  • Gate Agent - assists residence hall staff with registration in each hall
  • Medical Personnel - certified medical personnel provide First Aid in hydration tents
  • Welcome Party - makes goodies for baggage handlers and air traffic controllers