Baylor University


Move-In Volunteers

A very warm welcome and HUGE thank you to all our volunteers who make the Move-In experience for our new Baylor Bears a great one!


We need your help directing traffic, hauling stuff, working with Check-In, making goodies, delivering water and more! All are welcome! If you are interested in signing up to be a volunteer, please click the appropriate link below.

Student Volunteers- All Baylor students, student clubs or organizations.  Use the Connect button to the right to sign up.

Individual Volunteers- Sign up here if you are not a Baylor student, but are associated with the university (e.g., Individual Faculty or Staff member).

Group Volunteers- Sign up here if you are a church, business, or organization that is not associated with the university.  (Student organizations - use the Connect button)

Departmental Voluteers-Sign up here if you are a department within the university and will volunteer to help during Move-In.

Deadline for volunteers to sign up is Friday, August 14, 2015.

Learn more about the people who are working behind the scenes to coordinate logistics, refine processes, and plan for the Move-In Day experience. Also provided is information about contacting committee members regarding Move-In Day.