Meet Our Residence Hall Director Staff!

Chris Kirk

Residence Hall Director
Alexander - Memorial Halls



M.A. Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University B.A. Philosophy, Taylor University

Las Vegas, Nevada

About Me

What sets the students in your community apart?

I think what sets the students in my community apart is their love of learning. They are willing and open to dialogue about ideas and concepts that they are learning in class, and are willing to take the time to reflect and draw connections between other aspects of their life. I think that this happens in other communities, but I am willing to wager that this happens almost daily here in the HRC.

What is a cherished memory about your time here at Baylor so far?

This past summer, my wife, Jena, and I got married back in her home state of Pennsylvania. We ended up honeymooning in California, and while we were there, her parents graciously drove all the way to Texas with our wedding gifts and all of Jena's belongings, with the plan to move everything in before we returned. My colleagues not only helped Jena's parents move all of her things in to our apartment, but they also took the time to decorate our apartment, and pooled together money to buy us a few of our gifts off of our registry! We were so blessed! All that to say, I work with some great people here at Baylor.

What are some traditions specific to your hall community?

rue to the rich heritage and tradition of residential colleges, the HRC's foundation lies in its community and its focus on intellectual, social, and spiritual growth through devotion to prayer and service, a common intellectual conversation, and living life together. The HRC is not simply a community of honors students living and studying together, but rather a living and breathing community that is focused on providing space for exploration of life's big questions--How does my faith fit into my vocation and calling? What is my vocation and calling? What is my meaning and purpose in life? The traditions that our members take part in every year are meant to provide the space for this exploration to occur. Some of these traditions include a hall-wide retreat every fall, a community dinner every fall and spring, High Tea, and Lessons and Carols among others.