Meet Our Residence Hall Director Staff!

Jorge Burmicky

Residence Hall Director
Martin Hall



M.A. Student Affairs Administration/Higher Education, Ball State University
B.A. International Business, Taylor University

Caracas, Venezuela

About Me

What sets the students in your community apart?

The community in Martin is a very close knit one. Residents are intentional about spending quality time with each other, whether it is through athletics, recreational activities, or by simply having good conversations. Martin also feels large enough where students constantly meet new people, yet they are able to find a good core group of friends.

What is a cherished memory about your time here at Baylor so far?

The day I started my job and realized that I would be working with an amazing student staff who love God above all, while serving in their role as Community Leaders. Working with my staff is an everyday blessing!

Why do you choose to work at Baylor?

I chose to work at Baylor because it has a good balance of having a variety of great programs and activities for students to engage with, without losing its community feel. I often forget that I work in a medium sized campus, mainly because the people you'll find here are very friendly and always available to help you out.