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Penland Hall

Penland Hall is home to more than 400 first-year male and female residents of all majors, including members of the Outdoor Adventure LLC. The community helps residents to prioritize health and wellness emphasizing the importance of spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Penland is centrally located on campus, near the Bill Daniel Student Center, making it easy for students to connect and be involved in the Baylor community.

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Types of Rooms

Meet our Team
Olivia Miller Olivia Miller Penland Hall Residence Hall Director Olivia_Miller@baylor.edu 254-292-7021
Brittany Graves Brittany Graves Penland Hall Graduate Apprentice Residence Hall Director Brittany_Graves@baylor.edu
Dr. Kelli McMahan Dr. Kelli McMahan Penland Hall Faculty in Residence Kelli_McMahan@baylor.edu
Emmitt Drumgoole Jr. Emmitt Drumgoole Jr. Penland Hall Resident Chaplain emmitt_e_drumgoole@baylor.edu