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Incoming First Year Students (Freshmen & Transfers)

As demand for on-campus housing continues to remain strong for the fall semester, students who have decided not to attend Baylor are encouraged to provide their cancellation notice as soon as possible to free up space for other incoming students.

Before May 1: If you decide not to enroll at Baylor, please log onto your goBaylor account. Once logged into the account, look for the "Cancel Admission" tab. Cancellations made before May 1 will be refunded the university deposit.
After May 1: Cancellations made after May 1 will forfeit their university deposit. Incoming students who decide after May 1 not to attend Baylor University may log in to their goBaylor account, contact their Admissions Counselor, or email to notify us of their change in plans.

Continuing/Returning Students Occupancy License Cancellation

Continuing or Returning students who completed the housing signup process are bound to the Occupancy License they signed. Reasons to be released from the Occupancy License are:
  • Graduation or Withdrawal from Baylor University
  • Marriage (copy of valid marriage license must be submitted)
  • Participation in a Study Abroad Program through Baylor University
Students who do not receive an official cancellation will be charged the full cost of their original assignment, regardless of whether they have signed a lease with an off-campus housing provider.