Assignment Process

New student assignments are based on several criteria:

  1. An applicant's university deposit date
  2. A completed housing application
  3. The room preference availability
  4. A requested roommate's room preferences
  5. A LLP application(s)
  6. A requested roommate's LLP Application(s)

After paying your university deposit, your next step is to indicate your housing and roommate preferences. To select your housing preference(s) log into your goBaylor account. When allocating a student’s room assignment, Campus Living & Learning will make every effort to accommodate the students’ preferences. Your selections are PREFERENCES ONLY. Because of limited facilities, preferences cannot be guaranteed. Campus Living & Learning reserves the right to make assignments in accordance with available, even if it is not one of your preferences.

Once you have selected your preference(s) you may also want to apply to one of our Living-Learning Programs (Living-Learning Centers, and Residential Colleges) housed in other halls. Acceptance into a Living-Learning Program will override any hall or apartment preferences you previously provided. Whether or not you apply for a Living-Learning Program, you are required complete your housing preferences.

Assignment Notification

Assignment notification begins the first week of June and continues throughout the summer. While every effort is made to provide students with their first choice, not all students will receive their top preferences. Assignments are made based on availability of requested space, university deposit date, mutual roommate requests, and our mission to have our residential communities reflect the diversity of Baylor students. Assignments are sent to a student's Baylor email account.

Requests for Special Housing Accommodations

Students with a specific disability as recognized by The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 may request a special housing accommodation providing that they have registered with the Office of Access & Learning Accommodation (OALA). The OALA office determines ADA eligibility and will provide a recommendation to Campus Living & Learning for each registered student. Campus Living & Learning will make the final determination of assignment.

Because of space limitations, students requesting special accommodations are not guaranteed assignments that match their specific requests (such as a private room, private bathroom, etc.). Every effort will be made, however, to facilitate an assignment that provides the greatest opportunity for a student to succeed.

Assignments are made based on deposit date, space availability, and date of the request. Special accommodations for incoming students cannot be guaranteed for requests received after May 1.

Returning residents must submit an accommodation request annually. Requests will be considered based on the date of receipt of request, availability of specific accommodation, and space availability.