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North Village
We are so excited for your arrival! Whether you are a first year Baylor student or you are returning to campus this fall, we are committing our very best toward your residential experience. Your community leaders, faculty-in-residence, and professional staff will continue working together throughout the year to foster a learning environment that is revolutionary, integrates faith and scholarship, and promotes mentorship between upperclassmen and freshman.

It is our hope that this coming year you will be encouraged to reflect on your individual development and inspired to achieve personal goals. Our prayer for the residents of the North Village community is that each student will gain a better understanding of their deepest selves and their role as a member of an educated society. As a resident of the North Village, we anticipate your experience to be fun and exciting, inviting and communal, positive and meaningful, and filled with memorable moments. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Sic ‘em Bears
North Village Staff