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Residential Colleges

Baylor's Residential Colleges are designed to provide a culture that fosters academic excellence, intensive faculty-student interaction and rich culture steeped in Baylor tradition. Led by faculty members, these living-learning programs offer a special sense of community through community dinners, lectures and Master's Teas - informal gatherings where students talk with distinguished guests and faculty members. Leadership is also provided by students, who help lead through participation in governing councils and committees. Students wishing to reside in a Residential College must complete an online application process and are required to make a two-year on-campus housing commitment.

Baylor's Residential Colleges are open to freshmen through seniors and include:

Brooks Residential College
A new residential complex built on the site of Baylor's historic Brooks Hall, Brooks Residential College is open to a maximum of 370 students from all fields of study.

Honors Residential College
Located in Alexander and Memorial Halls in the historic heart of campus, the Honors Residential College is open to a maximum of 325 students. Students from all majors are eligible but must be a member of one of Baylor's four Honors College programs the Honors Program, University Scholars, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core or the Great Texts Program.

Teal Residential College
The Teal Residential College for Engineering and Computer Science is open to a maximum of 347 students majoring in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics.