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Job description, strengths description, and application

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The application period for 2015-2016 is now closed.

About the Community Leader Position

Influencing the faith journey of others

In celebration or in lament, Community Leaders support and walk with residents in their faith journeys. They introduce residents to local churches and spiritual resources on campus. Community Leaders grow with residents as they pray with and for them and help strengthen and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Embracing the on-campus community

Students come to Baylor bringing unique backgrounds, skills, personalities, and passions. Community Leaders look beyond the molds and embrace the on-campus community as a dynamic and diverse body of unique individuals who learn and grow with each other.

Shaping on-campus culture

Community Leaders influence the community they serve by serving as resources, providing guidance, and giving selflessly to the community. This servant leadership impacts individuals and the community as a whole, shaping a caring and supportive environment.

Giving to fulfill a calling

Being a Community Leader is more than just a job; it is a calling to lead and serve others. Community Leaders support residents intellectually, spiritually, and socially. Becoming a Community Leader fulfills the calling to give, embrace, and shape as you support those around you.

Below is an overview of the basic requirements and process.

Basic Requirements

An ideal candidate

  • Demonstrated Christian Faith
  • 2.5 cumulative GPA (First-year students' GPA will be reviewed once fall semester grades are posted)
  • Availability to return to campus approximately two weeks before classes begin in August and stay through graduation in May
  • Enroll in 3-credit hour Leadershp course for the spring semester and earn a B or better
  • Commitment to living in community as demonstrated through completing an on-campus Occupancy License when it becomes available

Basic application process timeline

  1. Attend an interest session
  2. Submit an application
  3. Interview process consisting of individual and group interviews
  4. Announcement of finalists
  5. Enroll in Leadership course
  6. Preference your community type
  7. Selection of Community Leaders and announcement of assignments

Interest sessions/resume workshops dates/times

  • Interest Sessions - September 29th at 10:10 and 11:15 a.m. in Alexander Reading Hall Room, October 8th at 5:15 in Houston Room (SUB)
  • Resume & Interview Skills Workshops - October 8th at 5:15 in Alexander Classroom & October 14th at 5:15 in Memorial Classroom

How to find more information

  • Talk to your Community Leader or Residence Hall Director
  • Attend interest sessions

How to be successful

  • Talk to your CL about the position
  • Understand the job description
  • Attend a resume workshop
  • Understand your strengths

Job description, strengths description, and application